Relocate to Wisconsin : What can you do to Honor the Memory of 17 Innocent Americans ?

What can you do to Honor the Memory of 17 Innocent Americans ?

   Warm congratulatons to the students that will  stand up on Wednesday, March  14th....that have appeared on national TV that made their voices heard  amidst their own grief for the loss of relatives, classmates, children

and for ALL of us...Fellow Americans who had their lives ended needlessly far too young. 

      Seventeen minutes set aside at 10 in the morning  to honor the memory of 17  who had their lives senselessly taken on February 14th in Parkland, Florida.ten oclock

       This is not about the right to bear IS about putting a face to violence...whatever the solution.  Why anyone of any age needs an assault weapon is beyond our comprehension.  The senseless deaths at Sandy Hook were not enough to get the attention of national government leadership. Twenty seven people lost their lives....20 of them  6 and 7 year old children. We applaud the state of Connecticut for the steps they have taken to make their state a safer place.

       No one reading this is likely in high are the parents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, cousins, neighbors or friends of  people who ARE or were.....having any of them taken from your life...having their lives shortened before they began is was for those who lived that nightmare and continue to carry the burden of their loss every day.

    Seventeen  Minutes   What will you do for 17 minutes....remember those who no longer have a voice.  If you choose to, encourage your federal and state representatives to promote education to identify people who may be the next shooter...who may needlessly take lives. If 10:00 doesn't work for your schedule...we can all find 17 minutes for anything that is important.  Education to identify people who have problems...and beyond the identificaton...where to go to get help if behaviorial patterns are to make the world a safer  place.

           Begin that conversation....make 17 minutes count today for today...for the future....for the memory of those taken too young.  Amen and Women.

         This has been a very public service post brought to you by Sally K.  & David L. Hanson, who hope that your 17 minutes will matter to the world.


Sally K. & David L. Hanson, ABR, CDPE, CSS, e-Pro,ILHM, REDS

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Comment balloon 30 commentsSally K. & David L. Hanson • February 24 2018 11:42AM


Thank you. Seventeen minutes is so little to give for such unspeakable loss. I'm with you!

Posted by Gwen Banta (Sotheby's International Realty) 3 months ago

Morning Sally.

Seventeen minutes is just a blink of the eye in ones life.  I'll take time out today, to honor those who lost their life in the tragic event.  

Posted by James Dray, Exceptional Agents, Outstanding Results (Fathom Realty AR LLC) 3 months ago

Hi Sally and David... regardless of one's position on gun rights, the entire system failed this go-around in identifying this potential threat when so many signals were there for so long. And in retrospect, so often we realize after an event like this we learn again and again how the system failed.

Posted by Nina Hollander, Your Charlotte/Ballantyne/Waxhaw/Fort Mill Realtor (RE/MAX Executive | Charlotte, NC) 3 months ago

Good morning Sally and David. We do need to focus on a logical solution beginning with recognizing it is a problem. 17 minutes is a beginning. Enjoy your day!

Posted by Wayne Martin, Real Estate Broker (Wayne M Martin) 3 months ago

Good advice...

Begin that conversation....make 17 minutes count today for today...for the future....for the memory of those taken too young. 

Posted by Roy Kelley, Roy and Dolores Kelley Photographs (Realty Group Referrals) 3 months ago

Thanks for your support for these students, Sally and David.  We need to take a good hard look at what we can do to prevent this from happening again.  

Posted by Gabe Sanders, Stuart Florida Real Estate (Real Estate of Florida specializing in Martin County Residential Homes, Condos and Land Sales) 3 months ago

Good morning Sally and David,

I will take the time to reflect on all the lives that have been lost and say a prayer or two.

Make yourself an astonishing day.

Posted by Raymond E. Camp, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Greater Rochester (Howard Hanna Real Estate Services) 3 months ago

There have been many conversations as of late and I never thought i would change the way i think, i support the 2nd amendment. I have under gone training for years. I now think though, why anyone needs that type of weapon. I supported the NRA but now think they are out of touch. At some point it makes sense to move the age to 21. I do think if you join the military at 18 and have been trained, you should be exempt and able to have a gun though. I also think there needs to be a much better way to do a background check that does not infringe on any-ones right to buy. BUT in some states you have to self report if you have been in  mental institution or thought of killing yourself or anyone? That needs to change. I also feel that the way mental health is handled needs to change.  Every shooter had signs they were going to snap and the authorities let us down.  Just as well, they need to get rid of all the illegal guns but then the same people outlaw frisking those that may be carrying them on the streets, teh solution is doing a lot of things different. Politicians do not listen to the people, they listen to cash, now that is where effort needs to be put to change things

Posted by Scott Godzyk, One of Manchester NH's Leading Agents (Godzyk Real Estate Services) 3 months ago

Good morning Sally. Apparently we don't know because this keeps happening again and again. Makes me very sad that we are not able to act to remove guns from the troubled and the criminal.

Posted by Sheila Anderson, The Real Estate Whisperer Who Listens 732-715-1133 (Referral Group Incorporated) 3 months ago

Sally and David- excellent post!  I was encouraged to see some Public Service Messages from Steve Kerr (Golden State Warriors Coach) and others to encourage our youth to get involved by voting when they reach voting age and not to make this just time out from school. 

And I saw an interview with the owner of a gun shop who declined to sell a gun to Cruz because he was under 21. Even though the legal age was 18, he made it his store's policy not to sell to anyone under 21. 

And loved Scott Godzyk's comment. 

Posted by Kathy Streib, Home Stager - Palm Beach County,FL -561-914-6224 (Room Service Home Staging) 3 months ago

Convict the killer.  Florida will be fighting for the death penalty.  

Posted by Dee Toohey, Broker, ABR, AHWD, CIPS, FMS, ePro (Innovative Realty Solutions Group) 3 months ago

We live in a day and age when no lives matter think of all the senseless killings around the world and with abortion we teach our youth that life really doesn't matter at all. What is the answer I would bet no one knows on either side of gun control. Morals are not taught or shown I remember a time when kids would be scared to see a dead body on TV and even in my own life when we watch bodies stacked up on the piers during Hurricane Fredrick but now with video games and Holywood making killings actually fun and even romantizing it to a point. I just wonder ...  

Posted by Charles Stallions, 800-309-3414 - Pensacola, Pace or Gulf Breeze, Fl. (Charles Stallions Real Estate Services ) 3 months ago

It’s a very sad situation, I can’t imaging what the parents, siblings, friends and community must be feeling.

Posted by Ellen Caruso (Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Realty) 3 months ago

Even one kid killed in these senseless acts is one too many!!!\

Why anyone of any age needs an assault weapon is beyond our comprehension.  The senseless deaths at Sandy Hook were not enough to get the attention of national government leadership. Twenty seven people lost their lives....20 of them  6 and 7 year old children. 

Posted by Sham Reddy, CRS (H E R Realty, Dayton, OH) 3 months ago

I'm so glad you wrote this because I hadn't heard about it. Brings tears to my eyes just reading it. Lots of great comments here too!

Posted by Sharon Tara, New Hampshire Home Stager (Sharon Tara Transformations) 3 months ago

So horrible, horrible, horrible. I will take those 17 minutes today, and hope that the conversation continues so that something will FINALLY be done to protect all!

Posted by Lawrence "Larry" & Sheila Agranoff. Cell: 631-805-4400, Long Island Condo & Home Sale Specialists (The Top Team @ Charles Rutenberg Realty 255 Executive Dr, Plainview NY 11803) 3 months ago

Any injustice disturbs me...

Posted by Richie Alan Naggar, agent & author (people first...then business Ran Right Realty ) 3 months ago

Hello Sally and David. Thoughts and prayers are definitely not enough.

Posted by Michael Jacobs, Los Angeles Pasadena Area Real Estate 818.516.4393 (Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage) 3 months ago

Hopefully these minutes of silence will give many time to think, Sally K. & David L. Hanson ... politicians included.  It's time for real action on this issue ... and many more.

I'm so proud to say you are my fellow member of ActiveRain.  Finding your voice and expressing your heartfelt opinion on this topic is not an easy one ... your bravery is admired and your friendship is cherished ...


Posted by Gene Mundt, IL/WI Mortgage Originator - FHA/VA/Conv/Jumbo/Portfolio/Refi, 708.921.6331 - 40+ yrs experience (NMLS #216987, IL Lic. 031.0006220, WI Licensed. APMC NMLS #175656) 3 months ago

Michael, I agree ...Prayers are not enough ...


Right to bear arms ...  is an automatic acceptance by the Lawmakers that we live in violent society and there is an imminent threat and we (majority) likewise agree it cannot be eliminated by OUR Administration. So the community (majority) has accepted the right to bear arms and be ready to defend themselves from the rest of us.

Outcomes are in the headlines


Posted by Deepak Chauhan MCNE®, Yes, I will sweeten the deal (Versailles Property) 3 months ago

DONE.  The NRA time is UP!  The 2nd Amendment was written over 250 years ago as a means to deal with oppression from the British Militia showing up at your doorstep with muskets, while it was illegal for citizens to defend themselves from that.

WE ARE NOT THE COLONIES ANY MORE, and the government doesn't show up at our doorstep with muskets any more.  The 2nd amendment must be modified so that semi-automatic killing weapons can not be purchased at trade shows!  Hello?!!  Owning a hand gun is one thing.  Owning a semi-automatic killing machine is quite another and INSANE.  Do not allow the NRA to gaslight everyone into thinking that making modifications to gun laws to stop the mass killings is going to result in leaving you unsafe.  That is just pure fear mongering for their own agenda while masses of people and children continue to die.  Absolutely vile and disgusting.


Posted by Ralph Gorgoglione, Hawaii and California Real Estate (800) 591-6121 (Maui Life Homes / Metro Life Homes) 3 months ago

Ralph: Having a permission to do something and having no restriction for doing the same thing is TWO different aspects. The most important issue is how it “matters to others”. We all are in the “others” shoes under varying circumstances. There is no restriction to own a big hat, but if we keep it on in the movie theater … there is a concern.

Again concern and problem are viewed differently. Now the leadership wants school teachers and school staff to bear concealed weapons … soon we would like to permit students to bear arms so they can defend themselves from School Teachers and Staff. Then we would like to encourage residents around schools area to bear arms … eye for an eye, is it the lifestyle?


Posted by Deepak Chauhan MCNE®, Yes, I will sweeten the deal (Versailles Property) 3 months ago

So agree, had seen the photos of the installation on Twitter and there is something about shoes that touches your soul seeing the different sizes, colors and types of shoes from sandals to sneakers. It makes a point, very persuasive and emotional.

Posted by Nick & Trudy Vandekar, 610-203-4543, Tredyffrin Easttown Realtors, Philly Main Line (Long & Foster Real Estate Inc 610-225-7400) 3 months ago

Seventeen minutes is too long to waste on this subject and I applaud Sally K. & David L. Hanson for writing passionately about such a controversial matter in these troubling times for a young man exercising His 2nd amendment rights.

Posted by Chad Felter, Providing service through out Hampton Roads 3 months ago

Never before have the students been so vocal and people are listening. We all feel the pain and something needs to be done.

Posted by Debbie Reynolds, Your Dedicated Clarksville TN Real Estate Agent (Platinum Properties) 3 months ago

Hi Sally and David...It is about time that we stopped wishing, thinking, praying, hoping, etc. and started to actively work towards making some changes. These tragedies happen over and over again and nothing changes. That has got to stop and only by each and everyone of us that wants to see change actually do something to make it happen.


Posted by Kate Elim, Realtor 540-226-1964, Selling Homes & Land a (Dockside Realty) 3 months ago

Let's get to the crux of the problem for this specific incident.

You mentioned that we need to educate people on how to identify and report such crazy and dangerous people.

Read this story showing the texts that Cruz had sent to some classmates.  These texts were shown to the school security people and nothing was done.

I read that he actually was expelled for bringing a gun to school.  If he would have been charged he would have had a record and he wouldn't have been able to purchase any more guns. 

Why wasn't he charged?  Because they passed a law in Florida that incentivized schools not to report and press criminal charges.  So the crime stats look good but nothing is then done to stop someone like Cruz.

In this case, there seems to have been many  people reporting concerns about Cruz.  But nothing was done.  So what's the point of educating and reporting if nothing is then done about it?  

It's easy to focus on the big bad guns and feel good thinking that you are doing something to help.  But has making drugs illegal stopped everyone from being able to buy whatever drugs that they want?  Banning all guns isn't going to 

Also, if kids are not to be trusted with certain guns until they are 21, then I think they shouldn't be able to be drafted or be able to vote until they are 21.  

They say that the brain isn't fully developed until the age of 25.   Maybe that should be the age at which full citizen privileges kick in.

Posted by Tim Maitski, Truth, Excellence and a Good Deal (Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage) 3 months ago

There are some incredible comments here with lots of food for thought Sally K. & David L. Hanson 

Posted by Paul S. Henderson, REALTOR®,CRS,, Tacoma Washington Agent/Broker & Market Authority! (RE/MAX Professionals.) 3 months ago

I agree we need to find a solution but walking out of school is not the answer!  How do you differentiate the kids that just wanted a chance to skip school verses those that were there for any other reason?  If you get a kid to show up AT school on a Saturday for a cause, then I would be truly impressed!

It is kind of like the Woman's March that took on so many different themes (Anti-Trump, Equal Pay, Sexual Awareness, Same Sex Marriages, etc.) that many of the marchers couldn't agree on why other people were there.

Posted by Jim Paulson, Owner,Broker (Progressive Realty (Boise Idaho) 3 months ago

I'm glad to see so much support and coverage of the events since this horror took place. It's such a complex issue and the solution, if there IS one solution, is not a simple one nor likely an easy one to implement effectively.

Posted by Jeff Dowler, CRS, The Southern California Relocation Dude - Carlsbad (Solutions Real Estate ) 3 months ago