Relocate to Wisconsin : August 2017

Getting to Know You...Getting to Know All About You....

    People do business with people they like...YES absolutely

they want to know that you know how to dot i's and cross t's Monkey in a mirroron a real estate contract....BUT they also want to be able to see you....get to feel like they would like working with you...that they have some insight into who you are as a person.

     You can choose to do this in a lot of ways....You can sprinkle some personal posts in your LOVE to Cook, Travel, Write, Read, Exercise....You like Cats, you have a dog, your heritage is....and you visited the birthplace of your get the picture....You can add those personal tidbits to what you put on Facebook....then you are more than Just another pretty are a real human being with interests... emotions.. hobbies...and you become much more "real" to your audience. 

      Tonight is a pre-season Packer game....and Barbara Todaro  and Kathy Streib  will rightfully accuse me of doing more networking wherever we watch the game than PackersI am "coaching" (that was my Dad's job) the Packers.  Being a Packer fan is one of the "rights of passage" to being a Badger state resident.....that is one of the things we explain in great detail to our transferred Buyers who are new to this ritual. My Mom always said that Wisconsin was a good place to do Nuclear testing during a Packer game...because no one but active rain logono one is outside. 
        Another way you can introduce people to you is tell them you are a regular Blogger on Active Rain....let them see what your interests you "converse in the universe" .  Send them a link to your the what you write can SAY you are "passionate" SHOW them !  

       Yes....I will have my green & gold attire....that is another have to dress the part...whether you are checking out groceries or pulling up a seat at the's a "gotta be."     Yes I will text you gals later....and oh....I almost forgot.....Our condolences to Jay Markanich who no doubt Pretzels and Beetwill have salty tears in his beer and getting his pretzels soggy when the Redskins leave the field with their heads bowed and helmets in hand wishing they could have learned how to win.....

      I won't be spraying my hair green and gold  I will be packing my purse with business cards...making sure my cell phone is all charged for texting my fingers off...and cheering myself silly....score.....two listings and one buyer...I mean...

Packers VICTORY !

  Packer Teddy Bear  If you too want to be a football and all four seasons we enjoy in the Hansons we would be honored to cheer you on thru a tour of the state we have called home for a lifetime and find you the perfect house to call home.


Sally K. & David L. Hanson, ABR, CDPE, CSS, e-Pro,ILHM, REDS

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Comment balloon 20 commentsSally K. & David L. Hanson • August 19 2017 08:30PM
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