Relocate to Wisconsin : November 2015

"I'm not doing a short sale...I am not one of 'those people'!

 With divorce as a part of our practice...short sales are part ot it as well.  The people who financed with 80/20 loans or those with little money down are now finding themselves upside down in divorce.divorce houseIn many areas the market has improved...But it has not improved to the extent that no money or little money down plus a decline can cover the loss. The house can be a starter home or hundreds or thousands..the result is the same...negative equity.

   Divorce brings with it a flurry of emotions...and in many cases this can lead to acting out these emotions. The house is far from clean...there is clutter everywhere...the listing can't be taken with nothing close to ready for pictures.  We begin by explaining what a short sale is...and showing the about to be sellers what homes have sold for in the market similar to the one they own.

  borrow money There is no option to borrow tens of thousands of dollars to make up for the loss in equity...the house cannot be sold with more owing on the mortgage than the price that the market will pay.  Medical and childcare....basic living expenses on one income now may well exceed the net of each paycheck.

  It is well the kind of many others...that happens to "someone else".  It happens to Doctors, lawyers...realtors...owners of one is immune and no one can be blamed for "not planning ahead."  Few people plan for divorce, job loss, serious illness and the decline of the real estate market all at the same time.

    Angry divorcees sometimes want to dig in their know that they want to have another course of action...upside down housenot a short sale...Short sales are for people who don't pay their bills, they imagine...and they always paid theirs.....and got in the way and it is a difficult thing to accept.

     When life gets in the way....and you have questions about your options in real estate in southeastern Wisconsin...Call the Hansons...we will give you every option available...whether we list your house or not and help you begin the next chapter of what we know will be your "happily ever after."

Sally K. & David L. Hanson, ABR, CDPE, CSS, e-Pro,ILHM, REDS

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Comment balloon 19 commentsSally K. & David L. Hanson • November 29 2015 03:09AM
"I'm not doing a short sale… I am not one of 'those people'!
With divorce as a part of our practice… short sales are part ot it as well. The people who financed with 80/20 loans or those with little money down are now finding themselves upside down in divorce. In many areas the market has improved… But… more
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