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Sooo...You want to Create Memorable Mail....

        As many of you know...if you follow our blog...we send out hundreds of envelopes with our newsletters every month. There are several different letters we write every moPurple mailernth to several different audiences...what they have in that they all come in Number 10 (business size) purple envelopes. This immediately identifies our newsletter for

the recipient. If you wish to use have my royal permission (smile).....If not ....choose a color that appeals to you..choose a color that stands out...not white...not manilla or vanilla...there are many options.  Decide what works best for you.  We buy our envelopes a quarter at a be sure that the glue does not dry out.....and we get a good price in quantity.
   The Fox River Valley (Yes...Packer country) is home to Neenah Paper Mill...and they have a fantastic selection...and here is a link to their site:

   You may wish to choose another color...size..or find a mill closer to you...or find the "Deal of the Day" by
simply googling: "No. 10 envelope   (color of your choice).  The important part is that you are consistent both in
the color you choose and the regularity of your mail to whomever you choose as your target market(s). 
    This direct mail success need not be limited to Realtors....ANY business that has clients/customers can benefit of course !
     If you are a better time than now to start....If you are experienced in whatever profession,,,
why not use this tool.....a little COLORFUL ....a little "old school"....but in our experience...A LOT successful !
       Wishing you all ...All the Marketing Best of 2016 !
              Hansons Both


Sally K. & David L. Hanson, ABR, CDPE, CSS, e-Pro,ILHM, REDS

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Comment balloon 13 commentsSally K. & David L. Hanson • January 03 2016 02:04PM
Sooo… You want to Create Memorable Mail…
As many of you know… if you follow our blog… we send out hundreds of envelopes with our newsletters every month. There are several different letters we write every mo nth to several different audiences… what they have in common… is that… more
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