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Closing on a house...It's a Home..and Not "Strictly Business"

 We learn lots of things on Active Rain, one of them being that not all states handle real estate closings in the same way as we do in Wisconsin.

    In what might be considered a "traditional closing"  here...the buyers and sellers meet in separate rooms either at the Buyers' lender or their title company.  The closing agents dash back and forth with paperwork signed by both parties. When all paperwork is signed, ideally everyone shakes Happily Ever Afterhands, the keys are given to the Buyers, the checks to the agents...closing gifts are sometimes given to both Buyer and Seller and the happily ever after begins.

   With divorce and short sales and sometimes estates, the procedure is usually a little bit different.  Emotions run higher than usual and "pre -signing" becomes the order of the day.  In a divorce, that means that the divorcing couple each signs closing documents separately and gives us their power of attorney to sign documents at the "real closing" with the Buyers. 

    Short sale Seller almost never want to be at closing with the Buyers....and we honor and respect their feelings with pre-signing documents as well.

    Estates..this can be a very very traumatic and emotional experience for the Personal Representative...likely an heir for a parent or close relatives.  It may be saying good bye tochildhood home the home they grew up in...the one that had every childhood memory from holiday celebrations to backyard picnics.  It is the final good bye. The heir wants to like the buyer...wants to know that a new family now has those same opportunities to make memories and take care of the house that was so much a part of the lives.   It can be an emotionally draining experience for a personal representative.  

    Rose   This is an opportunity for every Realtor to show an heir that this IS a people business...that it has a face...and more importantly, a heart.   If the state in which you practice does not "traditionally" have agents at closing...send a note, have flowers something special for the person that really is not sellabrating...but grieving the end of a chapter in their lives.  Help them cross the bridge to the next place and thank them  in a way that they we feel special...a hug of gratitude on the day they need it most.

    Real estate is never strictly business...and if you or anyone you know requires the services of Realtors who understand that in southeastern the is honor to be of service.


Sally K. & David L. Hanson, ABR, CDPE, CSS, e-Pro,ILHM, REDS

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We learn lots of things on ActiveRain, one of them being that not all states handle real estate closings in the same way as we do in Wisconsin. In what might be considered a "traditional closing" here… the buyers and sellers meet… more
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