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What Decisions are there to Make in a Wisconsin Offer to Purchase ?

   As Wisconsin Broker Associates we have had Relocating Buyers and Sellers as a part of our practice ....both through relocation companies, directly with employers....and sometimes individual buyers and sellers moving to or from State of Wisconsinthe Badger state.  Every state does things a little differently...the paperwork required...the provisions of a contract, etc.

    When we work with Buyers because we are lifetime residents of  the Badger state. we can tell them lots of details about the area from their expected travel times to employment to the entertainment, cultural and sports we have to offer...the school districts...the one area or sub division differs from another,  suggested lenders, inspectors and contractors should they wish to make changes to the house that they want to "make their own."   Our tours are very detailed answering all the questions that are typical for people who are relocating to southeastern Wisconsin. 

   When the time comes, we also let them know that there are variables to be considered in the offer to purchase and they may wish to give those some thought before we meet to write the offer.

   Lots of the offer to purchase is "legal boiler plate" language which echoes the laws, your rights  and the Sellers' rights and obligations in the sale. 
 Here are the variables that will be decided :
    - Offer price  (We typically are buyers agents and have furnished a valuation )
    - Amount of Earnest Money to deposit
                                                                  (This is applied to your down payment and held in the
                                                                   trust account of the listing broker payable within 3 days
                                                                   of offer acceptance and we will give you instruction or
                                                                   deposit it for you at the branch office giving both you                                                                           and the bank copies of the receipt.
                                                                    We indicate typical amounts in  a price range.
 Inspection - Typical allowance time is 15 days - we always try to schedule as soon as soon as 
                      possible, David will attend with you or if you are unable to attend, will go through the
                      inspection with you which is highly detailed including pictures.  Within this 15 day
                      period we also have to get back to the Sellers with any items that may be found to
                      be in need of repair or replacement or in need of specific evaluation by a
                      tradesperson such as HVAC, plumber or electrician. 
                      Sellers will be required to furnish lien waivers for aany work done 
                      typically 72 hours prior to closing.
Testing - The only additional testing typically requested and suggested is a radon test if a
                   mitigation system is not already in place.
                   A mitigation system is installed at the Sellers expense and a test supplied post
                  installation to verify the function of the system.
Warranty - If a warranty is not included as offered by the Sellers, we write as part of the offer,
                    that they include coverage of a policy of not less than a year at their expense
                    covering all major mechanical aspects of the home.
Inclusions/Exclusions -  Provided by the Seller in the listing - if there is anything not
                                               listed you wish to include or they wish to sell, this iis typically
                                               done outside the offer to purchase.
Closing date:  This is typically 40 -45 days 
                         from acceptance.  We  also check with the listing agent 
                         to verify the Sellers' timetable.
Timing for Acceptance - This is typically a minimum of 24 hours. We always check with the
                                                               listing agent to be sure thie time frame works for all
    Happily ever after  If you or anyone you know is looking to relocate to or from anywhere in southeastern Wisconsin,
hire the Hansons, experienced agents in relocation. We  are honored to be of service. 

Sally K. & David L. Hanson, ABR, CDPE, CSS, e-Pro,ILHM, REDS

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What Decisions are there to Make in a Wisconsin Offer to Purchase
As Wisconsin Broker Associates we have had Relocating Buyers and Sellers as a part of our practice… both through relocation companies, directly with employers… and sometimes individual buyers and sellers moving to or from the Badger state… more
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