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Non Profit can be FOR Your Profit....

    In another lifetime,


I owned a marketing agency....the things I learned, the education I got and successes and failures have been invaluable to us in our real estate practice. Many things we do would not be done as well...take longer to learn or never be Marketingincluded at all in our custom marketing plans without this experience.

      As an agent, lender, inspector....anyone who is self independent dependent on themselves or people they hire to make their business shine brightly....their services used often and the testimonials flowing.

    For the "planners" you have begun thinking about 2018......aNot for Profitnd starting that plan...the wheels in motion for record setting results. 

    Do you have a niche  or two ?  How carefully have you defined that client base that you are targeting ?  Do you know the best mediums to reach them ? What can you bring of value to them that isn't the same old "outstanding customer service" that every competitor uses in their marketing?

    What Not for profit cause(s) do you support ?   The easiest thing to do is write a check....and certainly that is welcome by any organization with limited means for raising funds.  The harder thing to do...and very often the thing that is needed most is your time. You may already have a skill that you can contribute....OR you may use this as an opportunity to learn new one(s) that help the organzation.  Make the people you meet a part of your sphere...let them see the "giving side" of you.  It isn't WHY you donate your is often a bi-product of giving...people like to be associated with people who are generous with their time, thoughtful of others and share the same interests.

       If you don't have "Giving" and "Active Participation" in your should be.....we need a kinder, gentler nation....and it can begin with you.

       If you or anyone you know is looking for agents who genuinely care about their clients..Call the Hansons....honored to be of service in southeastern Wisconsin for all things real estate.

Sally K. & David L. Hanson, ABR, CDPE, CSS, e-Pro,ILHM, REDS

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Comment balloon 13 commentsSally K. & David L. Hanson • October 05 2017 11:23AM
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