Relocate to Wisconsin

"I am busy every weekend thru the end of the year," said the Agent

 We got a call from a Buyer in distress..He had quickly sold his home in a southern state and was working with a relocation company and moving to Wisconsin.

    Man distressed on phoneHe was assigned an agent from another brokerage and told her that he wanted to get out and see homes and close as quickly as possible.  He said no matter what time he named she was not available....and she said never on a weekend at this time of year....He quickly called the relocation company and told him that the relationship was, as we say in divorce, "irretrievably broken."  They told he was free to choose another agent as long as they were trained in relocation and agreed to the fee charged by their company. 

  He had a list of three homes he wanted to say and we quickly called to set up the showings. We had a pre-listing appointment we were able to move until later in the day and called the now delighted buyer back to say we would start our tour of his selections within a couple hours.

   We put together the appropriate pieces of our "tour guide package" for that area of homes and met the Buyer who gave his mate a facetime tour as we went thru each home. We took him to lunch, talked about the homes...his new job,...where he said everyone wore Packer gear... and he said he was going to think about the tour and get back to us.

    Off we went to the other side of town to tour our pre-listing and then planned on going home....when the phone rang....the Buyer had made a decision and wanted to write an offer about within the hour ? 

   Green Bay Packer Bag

Sure....that would be fine and we agreed on a place to meet.  We stopped at a store and bought a Green Bay Packer Bag and filled it with Wisconsin goodies...Cheese of course, Gardetto's snack mix, Pinah's rye  chips, Merkt's cheese spread and a seasonal cranberry cheese....a delicious welcome to Wisconsin !

 accepted offer  Offer written,....accepted....and the inspection will be done early Monday morning.  One more thing for everyone to be thankful for this holiday season !

    If you are a relocating buyer looking for a warm welcome to the Hansons...we'll make time to give you a tour and show you how our education and successful experience bring you all the best in Wisconsin real estate.

Sally K. & David L. Hanson, ABR, CDPE, CSS, e-Pro,ILHM, REDS

Sally K. & David L. Hanson  

19 commentsSally K. & David L. Hanson • November 28 2014 04:44AM
"I am busy every weekend thru the end of the year, " said the Agent
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